Make Extra Income in 2018

do-you-need-extra-cash-fwYou’re wondering how to make extra cash online and you’re not alone. When I started making money online, it wasn’t a whole lot. It just lit a fire underneath me and I wanted to learn from people who were making large amounts of money online.

I wanted to learn step-by-step on how people were making money online by blogging, filling up surveys, creating online courses or tutorials, and etc.

We’re living in an era where people can work anytime, anyplace and anywhere. No more relying on companies to hire you. No more relying on one job to pay your bills.

You can diversify your income and earn more by blogging. My ultimate goal is to pay off my debt, leave the corporate world, be a full-time blogger, and teach people how to make money online. I want to be financially independent and earn money through this blog.

What’s your goal? In this page, you will find ways to make money online.

How To Make Extra Cash

Here are a few ways to make extra cash online.

  • Start your own blog or online business – If you want to make money while working from home, then you should start a blog for as low as $2.95 per month by choosing Bluehost. They are my most trusted resource for blogging. You can create a blog by following my tutorial here and you will have your own blog today!
  • Become an Uber Driver – When I was unemployed for four months, they gave me the opportunity to make money by picking up people through their app and dropping them off to their destination. I only worked part-time and made over $115 dollars on 19 small trips. Now imagine if you work for 40 hours per week, you can be making more than 500 dollars per week. If you need the extra cash or want to supplement your income, sign up today and you’re on your way to be an Uber driver.
  • Answer surveys from home – When I started searching on how to make money online in the mid 2000s, I thought to myself that there was no way you can earn cash by filling out surveys. I got to be honest, it was a bit time consuming. If you need money, sign up and it’s an easy win for you and the survey company. All you have to do is make sure you go through the sign up process. You will receive an email to confirm that you did. Make sure you fill out your profile completely so you can receive money through your preferred form of payment. Please be honest in your survey polls. Most importantly, have fun!
    • SwagBucks – Earn free gift cards when you shop online, watch videos, take surveys, and discover deals and promo codes.
    • AmpSurveys – They are looking for people from various backgrounds to participate in a range of online surveys.
    • LiveSample – A fun and simple way to participate in online surveys.
    • QuickRewards – Earn rewards for doing things you already do online.
    • Unique Rewards – Get paid to take surveys online, sign up for free trials, reading e-mails and purchases.
    • Your Surveys – Surveys may be completed an unlimited number of times! Earn credits every time you complete a survey.
    • TapResearch Survey – Qualify by answering a few demographic questions, then take a short survey.
    • Survey Rewardz – Create an account, take a survey and get rewarded
    • Survey Voice Research – Take surveys and get paid with Survey Voice Research!
    • PanelPlace – Join a paid surveys platform that links you up with reliable survey companies you can trust.
    • Vindale Research – Get paid for your opinion and earn cash for completing paid online and mobile surveys.
    • Inbox Dollars – Get paid for receiving and responding to e-mail advertisements.
    • American Consumer Opinion – Get paid to answer online opinion surveys and help evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you think.
    • Valued Opinions – They offer paid surveys in gift cards, shopping vouchers and rewards for their opinion.
    • Product Report Card – The best paid survey site reviews on the web – unbiased, in-depth, exactly what you need.
    • Harris Poll Online – You can provide opinions on the topics that matter most to legislators, companies and organizations around the world.
    • SurveyJunkie – The most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts.
    • Pincone Research – Earn points for every completed survey. Redeem points for cash or prizes; Learn about products before they hit the market.
    • Global Test Market – You will earn Market points from completing most of our paid surveys that you can then redeem for rewards.
    • PaidSurveys – Gain access to the top paying surveys and you will get paid for completing them.
    • Opinion Outpost – The premier paid online survey community that allows consumers to take surveys online for Money, points and rewards.
    • One Poll – They deliver consumer and B2B research. They specialize in PR surveys, data visualization and online quantitative research.
    • Clear Voice Surveys – Get paid to take real surveys from market research companies.
    • iPoll – They will invite you to participate in online surveys for cash by sharing your opinions.
    • VIP Voice – Take surveys to make an impact. You could win exciting prizes just for sharing your opinion on what you buy and why.
    • ProOpinion – A community of professionals driven by research and allows participants to earn rewards and cash through paid surveys online.
    • YouGov – They deal with authoritative measure of public opinion and consumer behavior. Share your opinions for cash, points & prizes.
    • Prize Rebel – Give your opinions on paid surveys and be rewarded with free money and gift cards.
    • SaySo4Profit – Their survey panels are run by the best paying market research companies online.
    • MySurvey – Discover the Power of Your Opinion and get rewards for gift cards, cash coupons and vouchers!

How To Make Extra Cash Through A Blog

It’s possible to be financially independent with blogging. You just need to find that passion that fuels you everyday and be an inspiration to your readers in your chosen niche topic.

People have always asked me why create a blog and make money out of it. Here are a few reasons why you should start a blog:

  • Blogging is the easiest way to make passive income
  • Blogging can help you communicate with people around the world
  • Blogging can help you get potential clients your product and services
  • Blogging can help you get interviews from other major publications
  • Blogging can you increase your brand

When I started blogging, I did an extensive research on web hosting. (For those who are non-technical — web hosting is a service that hosts your blog). I usually go for three things: quality, value, and price.

Need More Convincing? Why Should You Start A Blog?

This is a simple answer. If you want to make money while working from home, then you should start a WordPress blog for cheap by choosing Bluehost for your hosting needs. Making money with blogging takes hard work, but it will cost you a few dollars to start. Many businesses out there start with thousands and thousands of dollars and it’s hard to image having that kind of money around.

Like I mentioned above, if you want to get more exposure for your new or existing business, then it is essential that you should have a blog. We are living in a internet age world where we share knowledge and information online. For example, people share articles among their family and friends on Facebook all the time. I’ll bet most of them are blogs. If you can see the benefit from creating your own WordPress blog, then let’s get started for as low as $2.95 per month!

Need More Proof?

Let’s take this to another level then. Here is a list of bloggers who are making money from their blogs.

You’re wondering about how people make money from blogging. It’s possible to turn a blog into a full-time business and it takes time.

I’m often get asked how to make money online, so my answers comes in different responses. It all depends on how you “monetize” your blog. Here are some examples and links to great articles from bloggers talking about it.

  1. Placing ads from Google Adsense (Click here)
  2. Selling advertisement space (Click here)
  3. Selling eBooks from your Blog and Amazon (Click here)
  4. Selling online courses from or (Click here)
  5. Promoting products through affiliate programs (Click here)
  6. Reviewing products through affiliate programs (Click here)

Before you can do all of this, you have to create useful content that will lure people into reading your blog. People want authenticity in your content. That comes with reliability and trust. You have to build engagement with the readers that come. When you have establish your presence among your readers, then you can start making money through variety of income streams like I mentioned above.

I have been reading countless of articles from professional bloggers who have been doing this for years. I feel that anyone can do it. You need to start a blog and start somewhere.

Other Ways to Make Extra Cash

You can make extra cash by being a freelancer. A freelancer is a worker who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to any one employer long term. You can work with multiple clients and make money online. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer.


  • You can work from any location
  • You can pick and choose the work that interest you based on your skill set.
  • You determine how much you can make per week, month or year.
  • You won’t have a boss telling you what to do.
  • You can promote your work on any major freelancing websites.


  • You will need to find your own clients
  • You will have to wear different hats – Customer Service, Accounting, Human Resources, etc.
  • You will need make sure that your clients are going to pay
  • Your income will increase or decrease every month. It’s inconsistent.

Don’t get discouraged about freelancing. There are thousands of people who do it and the advantages outweighs the disadvantages. I mean, who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

Here are the top two freelance websites right now:

FiverrFiverr is a marketplace for digital services. As a seller, you can sell your services for $5 dollars. However, you have the options to add more services to increase your earnings. Companies and individuals who there to buy services for logo design, virtual assistant, data entry, and more. You can read success stories here from freelancers who has successfully found work through Fiverr.

Upwork – Upwork is the world’s largest online workplace right now. If you are a programmer, writer, translator or anything you can think of, you can create a profile and start freelancing. Of course, you have to figure out what you can provide to your future clients, but it’s a good way to start and showcase your online portfolio (or work). I’ve used this service to find and hire freelance writers, and I have spent about $2,000 dollars the past two years. I would say to start here and find work.

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